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4-14-13 Gulf Stream Fishing Charter with Captain Kevin Sneed of Rigged and Ready Charters

4-14-13   Tough day today.  The weather was perfect this morning. We ran 30mph the whole way some 60+miles offshore to the Gulf Stream. The water temp. was perfect and we were marking bait but the Wahoo and Blackfin Tuna just Didn’t want to co-operate. We did manage to hook two really nice wahoo in the first 30 minutes of fishing and were only able to boat one. A very decent 55+lb Wahoo to get the day started. After all that had happend right out the gate I figured we were in for multiple hook ups through the day.. Man was I wrong. The winds picked up out of the east and the fishing shut down.  We did manage to boat one Blackfin Tuna around 1 pm and that was it.. I will have to say that has been one of my slowest days of fishing in the Stream in over 5 years. But hey every dog has his day and I cant wait to get back out there. The most important part of this trip is that Martin and his dad had a great day and he can now say that he has caught the biggest fish of his life, a 55+lb WAHOO..

4-14-13 4-14-13a

4-11-13 Half Day Backwater Fishing with Captain Kevin of Rigged and Ready Charters

Today Eric Pittman and his two sons joined me on a 4 hour Backwater Fishing Trip. We started out a little slow but after about an hour we were catching Red Drum as fast as we could possibly reel them in. It was to the point where we were just using 1 fishing rod. What a great trip with some very good people.. Eric Pittman is a pastor of a church in Michigan and the good lord was definitely looking over us today. The weather was perfect and fish were biting. FISH ON!!!!!!!